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A little history on me im 27….i worked in the oilfield for over 5 years was a heavy equipment operator, driven big rigs, drilled on a surface rig, been a rig hand and a welder so i know hard work but due to an unfortunate accident(had my hand broken twice and almost lost my thumb) i was forced to work locally, where the oilfield isnt happening and unfortunately i never got a callback until the gas station by our house told me they were hiring for a cashier so i figured what the heck right? i mean a job is better than nothing…..Well ive worked there now for about 6 months and in this time I;ve caught a manager talking bad about me on video to another associate, my girlfriend came in to get change to do laundry at our apartments and was turned away telling her she had to buy something (which is not our policy at all) Also ive had a 42 year old douchebag manager hit on my girlfriend (knowing damn well she was with me but not knowing she would tell me…p.s. my girl is a cosmetics manager/model so you know i have to deal with this sometimes but i never expected at my work) this same old ass manager (who wears a leg brace to work retail) hits on our 20 year old female associate who in turn came to me to make it stop….keep in mind im not a manager but i told him to stop which he never did. Now ive also got a 22 year old co-manager above me who i can honestly say has never worked an entire shift sober since ive started working there at first i thought it wasnt that big of a deal but now this guy is leaving work leaving me to do everything while he goes out and sells weed, sometimes he sells and solicits to our guest in our store, he pops way too many pills at work to the point where he has to leave early he drinks on the clock in our beer cooler and is always trying to manipulate me and every other co-worker that works there and the other day i caught him trying to illicit sex to a guest in our store who is honestly old enough to be both of our mothers. He is a fucking worm whom i just want to kick the shit out of he’s disrespectful and is sloppy and annoying im miserable there and the general manager who runs the place is so lazy, leaves early everyday, shows up late, throws trash on the ground and never acknowledges hard work or initiative. In fact, we just had an associate get fired because she sold beer to a TABC agent ungerage and instead of addressing what just happened or the loss of an good employee the general manager just tells me “well lets just put it like this you just got promoted” Im glad all my hard work means nothing and that i got promoted by default….Once i got this news that vulture ass co-manager who sells weed out of the store calls me and says that he recommended me and that in some way i owe him?….like i said he’s always trying to manipulate me and do whatever he can to get leverage on me…..someone please help me because now they got me feeling obligated to stay and all i want to do is explode…and before you say “find another job” there isnt anywhere ive found to be hiring locally here and upon that little promotion to full time they actually called me and asked if i was planning to stay and not wanting to let anyone down so i said yes the only good thing about this shitty ass job is that now i have medical insurance which is something i now need very badly and honesty makes me feel trapped A.F. any ideas? P.S. ive called H.R. to help but that only made things worse the now management resents me

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. I’m so tired of this place.

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