Great news… the company is laying us off!!

Deep breath….

Okay, so I recently complained about my disrespectful manager? Well, they’re laying us off. No more money. Financial funding has ceased. Ha. And guess what? I’m being laid off without even a notice of 1 month. He’s keeping me here to work and get paid by the day, just this week.

Well, I’ve been here only for 6 months, so I think I can shake it off. But my coworkers have been here for 3+ years, and won’t compensate them for the years they’ve worked here. “I have no money, please understand”.

Get out of here. He has a second job, in the process of renewing his apartment, and we get the “no money” joke? You owe those people 2 months notice and minimum 6 salaries. Go to momma.

We’ll be fighting you legally. Wanna play with fire? We’ll play with a tsunami…

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