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Never in a million years would I picture myself having to take out my workplace ranting online…usually only my closest friends and family get to hear these almost daily rants. Now that I’ve found this site I’m sure they are secretly cheering. Any kind of ranting is unhealthy because aren’t we supposed to love the work we do? I mean you should, right? You spend more time at work than at home. More time seeing the lazy arse bludgers you are supposed to call colleagues…team mates…than your own family. It gives me a migraine when I try to calculate this as a percentage of my life that I am in this office.

Now most people would say just resign. Obviously the solution, right? But it’s not that simple and to be honestly truthful, it comes down to:

  1. Need to support my family
  2. Need to pay the mortgage
  3. I’m at an age where I can’t go through the interview and learning process of another job

So I have been in my position for 10 years…this is not a sign that I love my job. Heck, take out the 4 years I took off in total as maternity leave. Before I continue, pretty sure if my so-called work mates read this they would know who it is. How else can you vent without giving examples of why you are venting? So I work in an office where there is only about 12 people, so everyone knows what everyone is doing, but when you ask what that one person does no one has an answer.

This one person who we will call Lanie ( early) is my number one reason why my drive to give my all at work, or wanting to go to work, has decreased to almost zero. I was not one to care about how others work. But after years of doing my best, doing my job above and beyond and still no promotion, no acknowledgement, while this person is treated like the sun shines out of their butt, I now can’t be bothered.

Let’s vent about what Lanie does. Her hours are 8:45am to 5:15pm…she comes in at 9:30am. Been doing it for years so people assume she started at 9:30! Then she asks management that instead of taking an hour lunch break she will only take 30 mins so she can leave 30 mins earlier…at 4:45pm. She leaves at 4pm.

The lunch break is not 30 mins, it must be from 9:30am to 4pm because the bitch eats all day. The office kitchen has turned into her Masterchef joint. She cooks and posts on Facebook…during work hours. What office has a soup maker? And a steamer ? If she is not cooking she is on the internet…shopping! We have seen her watch movies on her PC. The GM has caught her watching movies. Now if the general manager is ok with this work ethic, who am I to say as an administration officer?

She has taken naps at work. She has gone on her 30 mins lunch break to do grocery shopping…which ends up being at least an hour. When the GM is away she brings her kids in on school holidays! It shits me how she can do this everyday and to know that the company is paying this person $60k to not do any work. Her position is not necessary. Company always wanting to save money. Asking staff for ideas. Why don’t they look into employees such as Lanie. How much money would they save? Throwing money away every day. Every week. Every year this person is employed.

She is smart in showing how busy she is but it’s all a lie. The tons of paperwork she keeps on her desk to look busy, but when you really look at them they are all work that needs to be filed away or sent out, but she just keeps them in bundles on her desk. I’ve seen paperwork from 2014 that was meant to be filed 4 yrs ago…should be archived.

So why do companies keep people like this and the ones who are actually doing their work leave or stay but never get a promotion? Never acknowledged? Tomorrow is Monday and that’s what I think about. Why I get Monday-itis every weekday.

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