Almost 4 years I’ve been here and how I’ve stayed is beyond me. I come in late, leave early and take a lot of time off. They just won’t fire me, lol. I think I’m the hardest working person here and could care less about getting fired, written up, warned, etc… The GM is a condescending fuckface, old man sales guy is a douche, PM#1 is a white knight mangina simp, PM#2 can’t keep any workers cause he’s an ass to work for. Engineering is the laziest most pathetic group of them all. They are ALL overweight, hahaha heart disease. Their work is terrible. The female landwhale in the group was complaining out loud about her fat chin hanging up on a customer. You can’t make this shit up. Anyway, no raises, no processes, no organization, no communication, not happy. I have dreams about this place and I always have gas and matches in them.

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