Free water tests and last minuters

Today I had this customer who obviously has no life come in 10 minutes to closing and he grabs a water bottle and says “What time do you close?” I answer “In ten minutes but you can bring a water test in when we open at 9 AM” he then says “Well I have things to do. I’ll be back in 10 minutes.”
One: I have a shop to close I’m not keeping it open for you
Two: Don’t you have a life (That’s my social anxiety talking)
And finally three: The doors lock at 7.

Well he shows up ten minutes later and gets to the door just as the clock hits 7 and looks at his phone and walks away. (Note: he hit 3 curbs trying to get back on time) honestly this just really pissed me off. Honestly wtf is wrong with people these days. No common courtesy, no manners and on top of that they get away with being rude to the person (YES PERSON I’M A DAMN HUMAN!) behind the counter and expect us to be kind back

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. That is the most messed up shit we as humans have come up with for retail.

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