Former Boss visit

She is the worst manager ever to run the drug department in my store. She recently visited me after she left months prior and it disgusted me. This lowlife of a bitch made 2018 a living hell for me. She would harass me on a daily basis and give me ridiculous workloads. She lied to me and never lived up to her promises on promoting me to become a lead. She used me and abused me from January to December. I had to deal with her threats of demoting me and sending me back to the front and she would verbally abuse me as well. She would tell me to shut up every day and that I will not make it or succeed. Even the lousy wimp of my supervisor was afraid of her and she bullied him too. Everybody in the department hated her. She almost attacked me one time and the receiver had to push her
outside to keep her from attacking me. All I did was worked a display and she went ballistic.

Any little detail that was off would piss her off. I was glad she left after Christmas. It really was a Christmas miracle. And to A – FUCK YOU AND GO TO HELL! I don’t miss you and I like my new boss. She is better than you at everything. She works and most of all respects me and everyone else. She changed the department and it is better now than when you were in charge! I hope you get fired soon. You should be in jail or in a strap jacket. ONCE A LOSER ALWAYS A LOSER.

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