First workrant

I work in a school and five of us do all of the work. Our other admin gets to desk jockey with the opportunity to attempt to validate their jobs, stick on any concept or idea like a barnacle and get paid. They get to come in at 7 with a shit-eating grin, no responsibility that would let anything stick to them and assume no care in the world. I have actually written a song called ‘Sit on Your Ass’.

My boss? Bipolar psycho…. can’t make it for three days without falling apart…. loves to attack women verbally…. The secretaries are okay though. They can turn out the lights, sit in the dark and greet people behind a desk.

Unprofessional shithole.

I’m a good employee, but I am burnt out. Hanging on one more year in this shithole then moving on. Poor kids… if parents only knew about who works in their schools.

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