Fired because my supervisor is a liar

Lost my job of ten years on a fabrication of lies. The underlying reason, a female coworker and I were just friends and were happy around each other. My supervisor coddled another coworker’s insecurities by overstepping boundaries making me very uncomfortable to drive a wedge between us.

It all started when she smiled at me and he threw a belligerent attitude while I was trying to work for not getting all of the attention. For this underlying reason, I was harassed out of my job so he would never have to see it again. I was screamed at by my supervisor then told I was fired for going to someone else about his behavior because she refused to listen. Then she used this other coworker as an excuse to make my termination appear legitimate. I was a lead in a call center. It wasn’t my job to take it or customers place to hear it.

When I reported the harassment from my supervisor, I was told they would look into it and get get back to me. Heard back nothing. The silence was deafening since everything was behind closed doors and I was not allowed to hear or speak.

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