F***ing posing ass marine!

You sure don’t act like you were in the fucking military anymore. You can fucking kiss my fucking ass all you want, but everyone just lost respect for you. You fuckwit twat!!! You think you can fiddle with your half-baked ideas, but face it you fucking moron it won’t fucking help. My boss may be below you, but I am going to listen to him. He and my old boss are the only fucking ones in this whole BS organization who knows how to do their fucking job anymore. You don’t even know how to do their fucking jobs anymore.

You’re such a worthless piece of crap no wonder you are not getting promoted in this shithole. I have worked my mutherfucking ass off for you asshole!!! You need to seriously go and fuck off. Our counterpart cannot do our goddamn jobs. Stop giving us their jobs and stop giving them our jobs. If they want to do our jobs they need to switch departments. There is no one team if they can’t even do our jobs properly. Get it through your idiot head. Stop making shit happen for them and make it happen for us. You got a bunch of useless workers and your amazing and bright teams knows about this shit. Take your head out of your fucking ass and start fighting for us. Fucking twat piece of shit!!!!!!!!!! 🤬😤😡😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

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