Fed up and tired of being harassed

Okay, so I’ve been at my job for 8 years now. I have an ongoing issue with some stupid bitch who won’t get off my ass for a minute! I was listening to music at work and the sound was on one…she told me to turn it down, it was too loud…seriously? Then, she expects me to do her work when she is rude to me. I try to avoid her, but wait…what happens? She goes and tells the fucking boss that I help everyone but her and that she didn’t like my tone

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. Boss lady told me I had to fucking apologize for the way I was talking to her. Does she think THAT was going to make me help her? She confronted me with a dirty look and her screeching, mousy voice (so fucking annoying), telling me I help everyone but her in a stern, motherly tone. So I asked her if she needed help, she was like, I don’t need your help. So, I was thinking…I’m definitely not going to help her EVER! After talking to me that way.

Now, my annual review came up and she told my boss that I disappear at lengths of time throughout the day, not knowing where I’m at. Lucky my boss knows that I was helping others. Bitch! Fucking worry about your own work, instead of worrying about where I’m at, since I finish my job on time. WTF! I’m starting to hate this place that treats me like I’m a baby. Now I got this lady monitoring my every fucking move? AND I’m expected to help her. Not to mention over the years, she has pushed me into my coworker and hit my chair with the cart…without apologizing. She doesn’t respect me enough to talk directly to me either, she usually has someone else ask me a question or tell me something she needs to say while standing next to them. I’m so fucking fed up with all this bullshit! I’m a really good worker, I work really hard and don’t deserve this. Just tired of being harassed at work and stressed out on the days I spend working with this bitch. Argh! Why is management so shitty?! They never want to hear my side…when I complain, it’s my fault…when she complains…it’s my fault. Maybe it’s time to look for a new job.

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