Fed up

I am fed up with our boss and his hypocritical actions. Treats certain staff better than others and fails to see that this has an effect on the whole team. Lets one member of staff away with what should be a sackable offence and yet rants and raves at others for small things.

So I was told to go ahead and book a venue for an “away day.” When I phoned up the venue the deal on their website was no longer available so it was going to cost a little more than I’d originally stated. Boss was on holiday so no way to check with him and time limited to get the venue sorted – so checked with Finance Manager and between us we agreed it was okay to go ahead.

He tells us constantly we have to make decisions for ourselves, then when we do, he rants and raves. He was aware of the additional cost, although claims he wasn’t, has a real go at me and now wants me to find a way to cover the extra cost!!!

He has no managerial qualities whatsoever

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. Expects everyone to account for every moment of their day and yet swans off whenever he wants and nobody knows often where he is or what he is doing. I know being manager gives you a little bit of freedom….but to constantly go on at people about calendars not being up to date….and then leaving huge blank spaces in his and disappearing from the office without trace regularly??? Hypocrite!!!!

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