F*ck Those Rude Shoppers

There is a woman in a lavender shirt who is an extremely rude asshole and just fucking being an asshole towards other people. Not only is she being a fucking asshole towards workers, but other people as well. That woman is a fucking asshole from the devil.

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  1. I know EXACTLY what you are talking about! I see it all the time, people being so rude and hateful to shop clerks. Where is common courtesy these days? I never speak sharply to a shop clerk. AND I always hang my clothes back up when I am finished trying them on, most of the time I put them back where they go and if I don’t have time to put them back, I put them where they are to go in order to go back. I also clean the dressing rooms because I can’t stand to see a pile of nice, new clothing on the floor or on a chair. I also found some clothing piled up one day that someone had piled up and peed in. YES, the fuckers peed on the new clothing in the dressing room. Some people are less than human, NO, most are less than human! I always try and diffuse a situation if I see someone yelling at or being rude to a shop clerk. I don’t mind stepping in and saying, “Excuse me! This is no way to get this resolved” Or I say, “I am calling the manager on you lady for being so rude to the shop clerk! ” Or sometimes when I don’t have anything else to do, I just jump in and start speaking loudly to the rude customer and shame them into submission. LOL

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