Favoritism and Lies

I work in this international school located in one of the cities here in Malaysia. I have a BA degree and am working as a teacher advocate. I love my job, I really do, the environment, the curriculum

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. I contribute all of my skills and knowledge towards the betterment of the school and children. However, I am soooo done with the lies, bias and favoritism that the management has been showing over their favs.

It’s possible to be a main teacher there BUT they don’t and won’t give it to a local teacher. I have international experience working for a UK pre-school and they don’t even bother to inform me about the job vacancy. They only want to give it to expat teachers. The management aka team leader and principal looks down on the teacher advocates, only giving priority to their expat teachers and expect all tasks to be completed by the end of the day.

Hello, do you think we, local teachers are idiots? We are only being paid less than 4K ringgit while the favorites are being paid more. You continue to look and talk down to us, playing positive and negative reinforcements with us, only want us to say YES always. If we say no, oh we became the troublemakers. We have our opinions and solutions too, is it so hard to give us the opportunity to speak out and give ideas instead of asking us to shut up and just do our job? We all want opportunities to move forward and you are only continuing to give it to the expat passports. You are treating us with contempt.

If this is how you want to treat all local teachers, regardless of their international qualifications or race, we can all quit and work in another school that we can find equal ground with.

No local teachers working for you and the school, can you expect the same from your countrymen to bow down and accept a low salary and long hours?

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