Facebook queen

Every single day my idiot “boss” comes in to work around 30 minutes late and as soon as she gets here she’s on Facebook. She may squeeze in 30-45 minutes of actual work altogether each day and really that’s being generous. Honestly, I don’t give a damn that she’s on Facebook but she’s always fucking nitpicking what everyone else does (except her favorites of course). This idiot is watching videos, commenting on posts… the whole spill. She is the manager so she has absolutely no accountability for her job, she just pawns all the shit she’s supposed to be doing on me. Between 900 smoke breaks a day and all day Facebook, she’s collecting a cozy 45k salary for not doing shit every year while everyone around her works their asses off (again, except for her little favorites). She does much more than just Facebook and I’ll rant about that later but I just needed to let that out.

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