F*** you all, you f***ing c***s!

Management is a goddamn joke. They are never around, even when they are around. Fuck, I don’t even know what my district manager actually manages becuse she is either out of the building or in her office all day with the door closed. I’m half convinced that she sits in there and Facebooks all day while getting paid for it. I haven’t seen her do shit since I started 2 months ago.

The two long-standing employees at the branch are snitching, back stabbing c***s who have nothing better to do than talk shit about everyone, including each other. The lack of decent training, lack of communication, and constant understaffing makes it nearly impossible for a new hire to learn jack shit.

When the new hires (who have NO previous field experience) don’t learn immediatly after being shown what to do one time, you talk shit about how ohhh they’ll never be ready, ohhhh they’ll never last here (this private convo actually happened on my 2nd day on the line). Yeah, maybe because you FUCKING SUCK at training and explain virturaly NOTHING!! All we “new people” hear is conflicting information on how to implement procedures, so we never know which way is the fucking correct way to do things. We are flying blind in a job that deals with a ridiculous amount of security issues and don’t know our heads from our asses, thanks to you incompetent pricks.

They also don’t pay us shit, hardly advance anyone out of retail, and expect us to bust our ass cold-calling people so they can make bonuses. Nooooope. I’m not doing shit! Why the fuck should I bust my ass when you took our bonuses away?!

This company is a goddamn joke, and you wonder why your turnover rate in the branches is so fucking high? Get a clue. I’m literally between a 5 and an 8 on the workplace rage scale and I’ve only been there for 2 months!

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