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I will try and keep this as short as I can.

I began my current job a little over a year ago. My first boss has retired in this time and my deputy manager has now become my boss.

My new boss, I can summarise her as lazy, lacks motivation or any care for her job, she often leaves early or arrives late with no excuses, she can be condescending and patronising and often laughs if I speak about any misfortunes in my life which has led me to not speak about anything personal.

She recently came out and said to me that she thinks I’m rude because one morning I was busy reading an email and she asked me in her patronising tone, ‘Is everything okay this morning?’, I said, ‘Fine’, whilst focusing on my email and she then started rambling at me about how she thought I was being rude and snappy, how I clearly wasn’t a morning person. I couldn’t care if she thought I was being rude to be honest, I was busy doing actual work but it was what she then went on to say.

She’s often out of the office and so if I find any issues with something she was dealing with, I will email it to her and mostly ask if she wants me to resolve it. She has never acknowledged these emails but at the end of the day I’m covering myself if anything was to erupt from this issue and she tried to blame me, it helps protect me. She said she didn’t like how I sent her emails as it was then recorded on our server then, she said she felt victimised and that I was trying to make out it was all her fault. She has never brought this up before and I think she doesn’t like me but to top it off, she tried to make out that I clearly don’t like her. I also believe she just deletes any emails I send to her as I checked her deleted box and found them unread. The last one I sent her a few weeks back before all this erupted and she still hasn’t acknowledged it or done anything to resolve the issue. Now I’m going to have to do it and apologise to the clients affected.

To be honest I couldn’t care, we are work colleagues, not friends. I am there to do my jobs, I’ve never been one for forming friendships at work and if that makes me rude then people seriously need to get over it. I am mildly chatty and will smile and say Good Morning but I am a shy person, I feel that what she said was out of line and clearly shows she can’t take any sort of criticism.

Anyways, we had our senior management down last week and they criticised her plenty. She was also being overly nice to me as I think she thought that I would report her because I do believe she knows she was out of line with what she said. I haven’t made any complaints yet, I have created an itemised report with evidence which I will be submitting but at this rate I just want to find a new job as I don’t see her changing. She is stuck in her ways and clearly was criticised by the previous boss for years and years. I thought she would have treated me different, she criticises everything I do, often getting annoyed when she checks my letters and finds no errors. I think she loves to criticise others but can’t seem to take any herself. I make mistakes and I accept that I have done wrong and I will correct them or learn from these mistakes but to completely ignore any criticism and continue to make the same errors doesn’t show leadership to me.

She has now been told she has to give more of her role to another colleague of ours with more experience as she can’t keep up with the workload (maybe if she spent more time in the office and less time skiving off early on a Friday or spending two hours on lunch she wouldn’t be behind) and she commented that the men were just trying to push her out of the company as she was a woman.

She also said I was a strong-minded person but the way she said it made me think she doesn’t like strong-minded women. This made me laugh as she always comments how she loves strong-minded women and says she is one herself (but the way she has acted makes me think she’s more of a grudge holder and very passive aggressive) but one of our ladies in another office, who is strong minded she makes fun of to other colleagues which makes me think she is intimidated or jealous of her.

It also looks like I’ll be working most of the Christmas shifts at work now as she has announced she is away over the Christmas period but has left it too late for me to do anything about it. She did the same last year and I was stuck working everything. I thought she would have swapped it round so I could spend time with my family but no I am now going to be working all of it, again.

I am fed up with how I am used as a doormat in my work. I am unhappy and stressed out as I now feel I can’t say anything about any mistakes she makes or I’ll be accused of bullying her or something. I’m now looking for a new job, even with a really good salary, it is not worth being this unhappy in a workplace.

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  1. Always report if you have a chance to. You’ll definitely regret not reporting in the future. I regret not doing it to mine. If you’re worried about letters of reference (usually a main reason that prevents people from reporting their bosses), you can have someone else write one for you

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