Elevator tension!

When I got of my car, something told me to take the stairs but I was too lazy so I took the elevator instead. HUGE FUCKING MISTAKE! As soon as I got on the elevator I said to myself please don’t let this girl get on this elevator. As soon as the door opened… it was her! I tried to smile, but I couldn’t. I thought about the multiple times I’ve tried to be cordial when I see her in the ladies room, in the hallway, or in meetings. I do the “Nod and Smile”, but each time it never fails, she rolls her eyes and smacks her lips. So, as I thought about that I rolled my eyes so hard as she said hello. Now you want to speak you dry face bitch. I cannot stand your ugly ass face and hearing your voice literally makes me ill! I really wish that you do what you said you were going to do and quit this job.

You are a Debbie Downer and NO ONE LIKES YOU OR YOUR BIG FOOT ASS FRIEND! Both of your attitudes are STANK along with your dirty vaginas

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. This isn’t something I’m guessing this is something I had the displeasure of smelling first hand in the ladies room… NO ONE SHOULD LEAVE AN ODOR FROM THEIR VAGINA that can make an entire floor smell like a fishy mess! Everyone that was in that ladies room smelled your nasty behind and they talked about you! I wanted to feel bad, but I couldn’t because neither of you shady bitches gave a damn about me when you were driving that bus.

So fuck y’all! As soon as I have an opportunity to tell you bitches, I am going to tell you I DO NOT LIKE EITHER ONE OF YOU TRASHY FILTHY BITCHES. You think that that you have a friend in BIG FOOT, but you don’t. Hell, she talked about your shady two faced ass to me one day at lunch. That’s when I had no choice but to pull away from the both of you – if you will talk about your friend to me, you will talk about me to your friend and I didn’t want any part of that. Now you want to start drama.

Please “Ashy”, don’t forget that you told me that you think that your manager is an IDIOT, please don’t forget that I know that you have complained about mostly everyone in your department to the director (and your dumb ass thinks that he cares how you feel). Do not forget that you talked about everybody and complained about EVERYBODY! You are such an attention whore and you will get it by any means – even driving the bus over the only person who could have had your back… but not really because you are such a negative passive aggressive bitch – it ain’t even funny. Go eat a dick you yuck big mouth dry face ass bitch!

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