Electricians are morons!

I hate electricians. They have NO IQ, are itinerant hobos going from state to state actually doing electrical work. I’m surprised the whole U.S. hasn’t burned down by now. They don’t know how to read, speak English, and have fake IDs. The ones that do are too stupid to complete a simple form with name and address. I’ve seen fucktards take an hour to fill out what should take 3-5 minutes! And why do they have to fill out a form? Here’s why, fucktards, because it’s a JOB. And they drag their FAMILIES from job to job. So, yeah, their shallow gene pool is producing more open-mouthed, drooling, empty-headed, fucktardettes. Multi million dollar companies (rhymes with DOOGLE and PACEBOOK) are counting on these top-shelf fucktards to actually WIRE their businesses. Next time you see one of these fucktards in Dale Earnhardt glasses and a free neon t-shirt, back away so the stupidity doesn’t give you cooties.

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