E-Commerce Company Treats Employees like Slaves

I work for a certain e-commerce company that shall not be named, they specialize in selling everything online and have “fulfillment” centers where all of their products are stored and then sold to the general public. I had the “privilege” of assisting with the launch of one of their new facilities and I must say, the working conditions are sub par and overall logistics were bullshit considering how much this company makes

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For our employees’ first day at work, they showed up to work and were immediately greeted by ugly metal detectors (all employees have to pass through metal detectors because this company trusts no one). Afterwards, they got a crappy t-shirt and were assigned lockers in a bland locker space that resembles your locker in high school. Then the employees got cupcakes, but the cupcakes literally had flies on them. The real kicker is that there are flies everywhere in this new building and the flies have contaminated everything, including the break room. So when our employees go to eat, they have to eat in a fly infested break room.

Our management team tried to act like everything was a major success on this launch day, but it’s all bullshit. They look at the employees like they’re numbers and mere check marks on a vast and never ending checklist. I’m disappointed because everything negative I read about this e-commerce company is true. The managers are a bunch of arrogant and ignorant pricks straight out of college who get paid salaried wages to act like overseers on a plantation. Management lies to everyone and they all put up this glamorous facade, but the truth is this company runs their factories like a third world sweatshop so they can keep costs low. There’s a huge revolving door and burnout is ridiculous – I’ve come to the sad conclusion that all the people at the top are greedy and evil and the work I do serves the devil.

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