Don’t listen to an idiot

There is a serious idiot in a role that should be safe, they’re not meant to be making big decisions. However, they believe they are amazing, and better at it than the qualified workers, who have spent years training and studying to do what they do. This idiot has muscled in to make major decisions for another workplace. This didn’t go well, as the dumb decisions were a) against company law, b) against employment law and c) really fucking dense. This idiot has seriously screwed that place, and now is upset they can’t get money from them anymore so has moved on to us, arguing for more time and more money, recommending making the same wrong choices that screwed up before.

Is there no limit to the capacity for self promotion from massive idiots? Can people not see lunacy?

I guess not. Trump, Johnson, if the world’s most powerful are proven idiots, why expect a tiny workplace to be any better?

I think stupidity and blind self belief is now not just accepted, but celebrated and rewarded!

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