Done with you all…absolutely done!

People are dumb. Completely stupid. If you’re not a mouth-breather, you’re a cave-dweller. I work for the good ol’ US government and it’s amazing how many people still operate under the delusion that the government cares about them and their problems. I’ve heard a million sob stories told a million different ways.

“I don’t have any money!”
“I’m homeless”
“So and so over here just died!”

Each story becoming more and more outlandish in hopes that I will be moved into giving them what they want, which is always just one thing: money. Everybody has their hand stretched out, thinking that if they can’t find a job and have no money to go to the store and buy their Honey Buns, the government will step in and pay for them for the rest of their lives. Jackass called in today telling me that he was never going to be able to work again and needed his disability because he suffers from Degenerative Disc Disease. Hey! Asswipe! Everyone does! Stop being a damn burden on the taxpayer and get a friggin’ job! Stop wasting tax dollars appealing every damn government decision in hopes that you’ll be awarded a bunch of FREE money!

Bitchy old woman came in, stating she deserved at least $2000 each month in social security. I’m looking at your case…no you don’t deserve shit! You are receiving the amount that you are entitled to based on state and federal law! “Well, the law’s wrong!” Geez, you’re a million years old and you’ve just realized that the law is not and never will be fair!? What would happen if all 320 million people in this country suddenly were handed $2000 each month, every month from the government at taxpayer expense? The whole country would be broke in less than a month! And screw you! I shouldn’t have to go to work just so lackadaisical Billy-bobs like you can ride on my coattails for the rest of my life, bobsledding me into the grave! “I don’t have enough money,” they shout! Again and AGAIN AND AGAIN! Who does have enough money, assholes?! These skid-marks in America’s bloomers are all quick to say “I love America!” and “God Bless America!” but boy, oh boy, are they quick to want to screw America out of a dollar the first chance they get!

Degenerative Disc Disease, my ass.

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