Doesn’t matter how hard I work

It’s hopeless, useless for me to even stay. There’s a long list of people trying to get promoted. Why should I bother wasting my time with a company that doesn’t pay enough for me to pay off my debts? I am at the bottom of the promotion list. There has been people that were on that list for years. Very talented people indeed. I may be good and try to learn everything, but I never get trained on everything. If I were to move up to be a supervisor then I have to know all aspects of the business. I do not know all of it and I have been trying to learn for a very long time. I’ve seen the same managers at their jobs for at least 10 years. You only get a dollar raise as a supervisor. I am getting close to getting old and my skills are not getting any sharper.

Why should I wait for you to get to the bottom of the list to promote me? Other companies out there pay way more than you. Yet with this shitty economy I am doing my best to hold my head up high with a positive attitude. I complain a lot because I am trying really hard at my job and trying to find something different that I am actually good at! I always work hard at it, but I feel that I don’t make a difference nor the pay I get on my check doesn’t make any difference. I wish there was something I can do. I have been looking for a year and still nothing. Climbing the corporate ladder is going to take 100 years and I will be too old if I stay. I wish there was something out there I can do and love and get paid enough to live in comfort. Please god help me…

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