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I know most of the rants on here are aimed towards horrible bosses. But I have just recently promoted to supervisor. I worked my ass off for 10 years, and I’ve only being doing the job 2 months. I’m always fair, polite, treat others how I wanted to be treated. I have never given a serious bollocking or rant, even though this one lady in my team deserves it. She gets emotional every time I give her work (which is my job). She complains, and literally moans to my face how shit the job is. She’s a slow worker, and what little work she does so, she drags out for hours. I asked her to sweep and tidy up stock locations in her area because stock was LITERALLY on the floor and not on the shelf and she had a melt down.

Well my superiors have been told

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. Barbara do your job or don’t do your job, I don’t care. Any more slip ups and this time next month you’ll be at the job centre enrolling for benefits, wondering where it all went wrong. Barbara I will have to wish you luck as someone with your attitude and lack of ambition to move on in life is not going to find the dream job just waiting around the corner, so suck it up here or suck it up somewhere else.

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