Disrespectful manager… haven’t I had enough of these?

My boss is a disrespectful person. A micro-manager & control freak. He also doesn’t trust me. He wants to know about everything and won’t let me do my job tasks the way I want. He wants everything on the spot and if he doesn’t get what he wants immediately, he gets angry and starts yelling at me. When he does this on the phone, he hangs up.

I am obliged to tell him about every penny I spend for the office. I even need to get a confirmation to get a cleaning cloth!! Or ink cartridges necessary for the printing machine. He took away my autonomy and independence. I am doing tasks that which I did not sign up for at all

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I can’t wait to leave in a few months. When I’ll give his partner my notice, he’s going to hear so many things I’m biting my tongue for. This was supposed to be an upgrade, a promotion; yet still, I find myself having less autonomy than my last job as assistant. Oh lord.. help me keep my patience until I have enough savings to leave and change my career. Thank you.

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