Disgusting Abominations

I don’t see how any of these disgusting, offensive pieces of garbage ever get hired for jobs! Seriously!

One disgusting woman was just at my front desk, came in stating she was here for an interview, and then started gagging and hacking sh*t up!!!! RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, RIGHT IN THE OPEN, making me nauseous, sick to my stomach, and showing how UNPROFESSIONAL and RUDE she is!

I mean, F**K! The goddamned restroom is like 20 FEET AWAY and she’s just sitting there being as VILE, DISGUSTING, UNPROFESSIONAL, and SICKENING as she can be! WHY do these diseased and disgusting ingrates think that’s going to impress anybody???

NO manners! NO etiquette! NO consideration for others! NO courtesy for others! NO PROFESSIONALISM AT ALL!

And these people wonder WHY they get such crappy, low paying jobs?!!!!

It’s bad enough there are already a bunch of these disgusting abominations that work here, they want to hire MORE?

And this is supposed to be a PROFESSIONAL office! LMAO

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  1. I know, I get it! I see it over and over again. They actually don’t want to work and are doing all they can to NOT get hired. This way they can stay home on the dole and say they are looking. Or they smoke pot knowing they have to take a drug test and fail it, knowing we cannot reveal the results and they stay on the dole. This is what my sister does. Seriously, she goes out for interviews she is in no way qualified for and then cries about not having a job to our parents and they keep saying, “Oh poor thing!…blah, blah, blah,…here is a car, here is money to pay your bills, go rest and relax and stop being stressed and you will find a job…..” I am so disgusted with lazy stupid people. I am sick of supporting them with my tax money. I am sick to death of the leaches of society in general. Just be a decent person and keep yourself up you ass clown! Or live in the ditch you chose quietly.

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