Dilbert would write about this place

Geesh – mediocrity is the fucking standard here. I don’t think ANYONE knows how to write a half-ass SQL statement. Well, that’s not true – they know how to write a FULL-ASS SQL statement. We have teams that don’t see the need in communicating with other teams on mission-critical projects, processes and data.  The company claims they are agile but there is LITTLE effort at daily or sprint goals. Standups are just meetings where everyone talks. No sense of iterative development – just a twisted version of waterfall and you can FORGET about documentation. It’s a four-letter word at this shitheap.

There is constant talking – disruptive and rarely about work. The managers are complete fucking morons. Trying to get execs to actually PAY for something is a waste of time but when they do actually spend money, there is little research on viable solutions and ends making things worse. Getting back to cheap VP, most of the technology is decades behind or fucking shareware with the typical shitty support. Databases are inflexible and designed on a whim with little thought given to future expansion. Customers are screwed over. Employees are screwed over. Attrition is rampant. It will be a relief when this place closes its doors and customers/employees find solutions elsewhere.

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