Detached from reality boss

I’m approaching 60 and have NEVER in my working career had to put up with the idiotic BS of my current boss.
I’ve had bad bosses, good bosses and now this total TWAT.
This place is a cross between Sheldon Cooper world/Brittas Empire and Fawlty Towers.
He bought the business I was in, but it would have been better if he never had.
Me – qualified electronics tech, software engineer, field service for global players like 3M for 20 years plus, inventor, entrepreneur, part-time genius.
Current dickhead “manager/owner” – best off in back room production, as far away from people as possible. Good at production, hopeless in the real world.
No people skills, talks down to everyone – staff, customers, family, BUT thinks he isn’t!
Prattles on about high standards and low standards, then LIES to his own wife on the phone (more than once) how the “shop is full and can’t talk now” when the shop is devoid of customers.
High standards there Bud…
Talks garbage like “Think so or know so?” when anyone says anything not in his linear thinking crystal clear 1990’s fantasy world, then contradicts himself 20+ times a day, every day, by saying things like “I believe so”, or “I’m pretty sure”. Hey Bud – think so or know so eh??? Watch your blood pressure go into orbit with your own BS, pal.
Got an environmental award then wants to smash and dump fluoro tubes (Mercury content. Duh) into landfill rather than spend $1 per tube to have them safely disposed of by a business 1 block away.
Hypocrisy and bullshit eh??
Endless waffle about systematically working through a job from A-Z.
Guess he’s never worked in the real world – the world without linear thinking, tunnel vision wallies.
Drop him into a real world crisis situation like a remote area plane crash and he’d be fucked.
Wouldn’t have a clue what to do..
Everything comes from books written 20 years ago in another country telling him what to do and think for every situation.
Workplace – OH&S nightmare – he’d be shut down if Workplace Standards ever came through the place. I’d say a 3-4 page list of violations. Faulty lighting, trip hazards everywhere, uneven floors, water leaks, unprotected fluoros overhead, no concept of modern OH&S whatsoever.
He got an advisory from the local council recently re street events and their requirements regarding clearances. He just couldn’t understand it and carried on like it was madness.
Hey pal – that’s been reality for 20 effing years now. Wake up, escape your Sheldon Cooper/Fantasy Island world and try living in the real one !!!
Staff – No-ONE would stay here if they were offered another job. No-one.
One quit and he had a candidate come in. She lasted ONE DAY and quit. Wouldn’t respond to phone calls. Jeez – can’t imagine why. Maybe the equipment that breaks every 5 minutes and makes your life a living hell? Maybe the fact that everything is obsolete ? PC’s XP – 1GB RAM. Can’t even run decent antivirus on most.
Sad reality is she wouldn’t answer calls as she’d have to tell him the truth why she didn’t come back – the place is a shithole and she was better off where she was.
Managers couldn’t understand of course – no idea of reality…
Computers all archaic but a new Mac or two. Had issues with backing up data. I suggested he put all customer art files on a thumb drive and put in the safe. “Don’t be silly” was the response.
So… we now have PCs with a back-up server AND back-up thumb drive all in the one room.
“Fuck me” as Gordon Ramsay would say.
Imagine a fire or flood. Everything in one room. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee. DUH x 100.
Let’s see now…what else…oh yes – monthly sales.
How about we do a stock-take EVERY MONTH and subtract it from last month’s figures, thereby showing the sales for the month, near enough is good enough…
OR…how about I give you the monthly sales figures on XLS every month and total accuracy.
Hmmmm…can’t work that one out!
Fuck me…
Or the FIVE different tracking systems this “business” uses.
Nope, not just one to track every sale and thereby provide a uniform consistent record for everyone.
Can’t find a recent sale ? Jeez – wonder why….
Or the broken badly made products from your Indian manufacturer who doesn’t respond to your emails within 6 effing months. Customer service – ZERO.
Chinese competition undercut you 80% and yet, somehow, I’m expected to sell badly made shit on eBay at 4 times the price of your opposition into a market that’s moved on from your pre-technology world..
He is effectively living in Jurassic Park, like the video store industry. The world’s moved on and he’s got his fingers in his ears going “la la la” pretending all’s well.
What a clusterfuck this place is. I’m going to resign at the earliest opportunity as is everyone else.
Good riddance too!

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