You are hard work to be around. You have a harsh word for everyone, except your chosen side-kick (who happens to share many of your traits).
You especially dislike younger, slimmer, better-qualified women, and reserve special criticism for them.

On Zoom, you won’t show your whole face, leaving out the double chins and sagging jowls. You used to say it’s because your laptop is old and has to be balanced up high, but work gave you a new one, and you do this weird half-face thing still.

You complained you bought some clothes on line but they don’t fit, and that’s because they now ‘make clothes smaller’. Actually, they don’t, we are all getting bigger, and sizing reflects this.

You refused a woman wearing heels a work placement, as you “won’t be responsible if she trips on the stairs”. You don’t like women who dress up when they go out, as they are “fake”.

You wear the same clothes all the time (shapeless tents) because you are “genuine”.

You don’t need a qualification in communication because you already know everything, and people who have one are ‘show-offs’

Your side kick is morbidly obese, and started losing weight, which angered you, so you started bringing in cakes, sweets and fatty food, plying her daily. When she stopped eating the swill you offered her, you took offence to her as well! The more weight she loses, the more you criticise her.

Take a long look at yourself.

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