Dealership Hell

Being a female in a dealership isn’t easy. If you’re considered attractive, the men won’t leave you alone. If you’re ugly, the men still won’t leave you alone and they just end up call you derogatory names. This place has got to be the worst company I have ever worked for. I have been in the car business for quite sometime now but never in my life have I ever hated being a women. The men in this company have no respect for women. While most of management are married men, they still hit on the young eighteen year olds who are just trying to pay their way through college. I’ve made a few complaints to our general manager but he doesn’t care. In fact, he encourages it. This man has never punished anyone on his sales team. One manager passed out drunk on the lawn of the used car lot and all he got for as a punishment was a week of suspension. One of my female coworkers had her picture photo shopped and was sent to all the other salespeople including myself. It was inappropriate and humiliating, but the man did not get suspension. He got a promotion instead.

If I could state the name of this company, I would. I would rant to the whole world. Everything about this company is terrible. The owner is racist

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. The GM doesn’t give a crap about anything other than sales. If they had to sell a car but it meant to humiliate a fellow female coworker, they would do it. No questions asked.

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