Crossed the line

Tonight you crossed the line. Spread rumors all you want to behind my back, that’s fine. My quality of work towards guests (not just regulars like you, shit for brains) and with co-workers stands tried and true (more than yours). Be blunt with me privately, please. I love when people call me out on my mistakes. It gives me a chance to fix them. But to ‘call me out’ in front of guests. To tell your regulars that I am snorting cocaine or meth?? Those same guests that come in right after and tell me what you are saying. Those same guests that you buy your drugs from??

Oh dear, how truly stupid you are. First of all, I wouldn’t be GAINING WEIGHT if I was using those drugs. Second, you might not want to spread rumors about a person who you told that you use drugs. You act like a manager, and you’re not. How funny it is that I’ve already made strategic moves to have you put on your ass so quickly?

There’s a reason I am where I am for now, and a reason you are where you have been for the past 5 years. I’m simply having a difficult time finding a job in my field. You? HA! You steal food and alcohol. You make your money by removing items from tabs, and everyone knows it now! You give people free alcohol, and get them so shitfaced that they cant even see their credit card slip straight. You get drunk every working night on someone else’s dime!

Trust me, McFuckaDudeintheWoman’sRestroom, you’re nothing special. I have years, YEARS, of experience replacing people just like you. I’ve had a real job in managing difficult people like you before. In the end, you’ll be hard pressed to find a job waiting tables anywhere in town. You’ll have to move in with your nanna to pay for your drug habit. Shame on you. You have absolutely zero right to bring any problems you have with me up in front of anyone other than me and OUR manager. And I’m sure you got worse after I left tonight.

Don’t worry, McI’mNotGoingtoHaveaJobbytheEndofNextWeek, you wont have to deal with me for very much longer. I promise you that. And I’ll still have my stepping-stone job

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. You? You’ll be lucky to see your kid every other weekend on supervised visits. You really fucked with the wrong person this time. Good luck sucking dicks out of this one!

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