Crazy Workaholic Boss

Let me preface this by saying the first six months were really good otherwise I would’ve bailed a long time ago.

My boss is a crazy workaholic who expects everyone to work from morning til night, seven days a week, with no end in sight. In his world this is normal. Vacations, being with family, sitting around reading a book, none of that computes. He is also stubborn, very set in his ways so he makes the same mistakes over and over which he then has to work frantic overtime to correct.

A month ago he came to my house on a Saturday morning uninvited, walked right in and started badgering me to come to work. I had to physically remove him from my own home and then lock the door to keep him out. Monday morning he came up to me and rather than apologize he said that he was disappointed in me, that he thought I wanted to make some money and that I needed to fix my attitude.

Dear God give me the strength to make it another month or two until I find a new job.

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