Crazy eyes scooter style

A boss lady that rides around the building on a scooter, tries to hold it together while disciplining an employee. You could see her veins popping out as she smiles and puts on a fake high-pitched voice, polite attitude, and giant smile with wide open eyes. You could tell she wanted to slap the employee, but was trying her best to just hold it together. The employee was also extremely polite. It was a pleasant exchange on the outside, except for her very obvious body language that indicated how full of shit she was. This fake scolding could have been a far more productive exchange, had she been less fake and just been honest and down to earth. Instead, her sociopathic giveaways ticked like a time bomb counting backwards.

If you ever work at the anonymous organization, watch out for this woman. She will eat you alive, much like a bear would while listening to you scream. You can tell who she is, not by the scooter, but by her ability to take a small mistake, and attempting to escalate it to the highest possible level. Poking and prodding. Hoping to break you. She has that stealthy read between the lines arrogance, where you can tell she’s being evil, while towing the company line by putting on a smile and being polite. But underneath it all you can tell she’s a sad sad human, with no real friends, no real connections to other humans. She possibly kills rats and eats them raw just to satiate her hunger to haunt.

This woman will have a blank stare that screams “this does not compute.” She may be high on some ambien, or just hungover? Possibly suffered a severe head injury? The answer is unknown. What we do know is that she’ll treat hundreds of employees like shit, while she climbs to the top on her scooter (that probably isn’t even OSHA approved), and then sit at home drinking wine at night while cackling about her power to piss down the throats of the peasants.

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