Crappy place to work

My boss has always been mentally abusive. He says things like “if your numbers are right”……

He has made me cry more times than I can say. He hires people who are “saviors” and I end up cleaning up after them.

Little does he know that I took my CPA exams and passed all 4 in the first 18 months which not many people do…and I did this while working full time. But I can’t find another job because it would be a big paycut and the fucking accounting firms want assholes right out of college.


My workplace is so messed up. I am the only one that took accounting and he keeps hiring the ignorant or stupid people. I fucking hate it here and I wish it would burn to the ground.

He is a very, very selfish man… him and his wife. Raises every 4 years… never says fucking THANK YOU.

Could it kill him?????? So many stupid things have kept me from being able to leave my personal hell. Moron husband who didn’t make any money… divorce… kids… I want to leave so bad and am working on trying to get out. Almost did 3 times 🙁 Stupid economy. Oh and BTW – New York will kill you. Don’t settle here!!!!!!

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  1. LEAVE NYC ASAP! It will suck the life right out of ya!
    The cost of living is atrocious! I wish I could hire you. With that accounting background and the great can do spirit (cleaning others messes is a can do spirit!) you would be perfect in this office. I am dealing with a dumb ass millennial that was great the first 90 days, we hired her and now she does as little as possible to get by. Not to mention the attitude and the mistakes…..they are not even mistakes, they are careless actions of a person who doesn’t give a crap. God Help Us! Good luck in your life quest! It gets better. That’s what I keep telling myself…. :0)

  2. Thank you for your nice comments. I’m in upstate NY.. I believe NYC would be worse. Good luck to you with your millennial. I had one too who was supposed to double check my work and she was the receptionist. Because she was blonde, thin, pretty with big boobs… right next to the boss she went after 6 months. I purposely made easy mistakes to prove she was not checking me but he didn’t care. She took hour long lunches with 2 other co-workers who were close to the boss. BTW — she quit and caused the divorce of a prominent man in town who owns a car dealership and now she is married to him and extremely wealthy. Gold digging girl. She still contacts my boss to this day for projects from our company. He still says Oh that’s Sally’s husband.

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