Concentrate on yourself

Dear “Head” Waitress,

Maybe you should be more concerned about how you are on your own tables. I often have to get boxes for your tables. I often have to get drinks and refills for your tables. I have to find you to get your tables their checks because you are not around for your tables to ever ask you for that kind of stuff. You stick your big, fat nose into places it does not need to be in. If the boss if asking me if I want to pick up a shift, then let me answer. Instead of backstabbing me while I am right in there and getting the shift. Then you complain about how you do not want the shift to another worker. So right after you brown nose your way into the shift, you are trying to trade it away. You also take all the parties, even if you are not really capable of doing it at the time. But as you are doing both of the parties you are complaining about having to stay late because of those two big parties. You also let some people get away with doing no side work the whole shift and then expect me to it as soon as I come in. I am not even clocked in yet, and I am expected to make extra dressing when there are four other people who could have made it earlier.

You take the word of someone who has shown up high and messed up tables, and do not even ask my end of the story. You want me to be so happy to see you and help you. I clear your tables when everyone else refuses to do it. I take over tables for you when you get too busy. I make sure that I am always doing something. You never roll silverware and would have left a crap ton for me to do even before I stepped foot in the door. I am so tired of going into work and feeling like a complete failure. You micromanage every little thing I do from the moment I walk in till the moment I clock out. You let people get away with doing half of their job, but God forbid I leave one little thing unfinished. When I leave this job you will be partially responsible for my quitting. You deserve all the crappy, late, druggie, and lazy workers that you will be stuck with.

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