Complete joke

New CEO was promising. He’s letting loose the bro team and promoting the lowest levels. We don’t know why. The guy in the corner office now was the same guy already with the company that couldn’t take care of marketing, so let’s promote him because he does what I say.

Speaking of doing what you’re told, the only token female is a joke. VP sales just smiles and does what she’s told. No other purpose. She’s doing nothing. Inside sales manager is a sexist jerk. He gives his team $1 items for hitting goals and speaks down to women. Guess he fits in perfectly.

They just let go an awesome…ohhh.. female employee because… we don’t know why. She was one of the best that could make real changes. Let go.. ohh.. another female in marketing. Again, we don’t have an explanation. She was needed and awesome.

We are now left… us females.. looking for other jobs because this place is going to fail or be sold. Something is happening this year.

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