Colleague melt down!

So I just remembered this gem of a memory I had and wanted to share!

So I was a baker in a supermarket in the UK. For the 2nd week in a row a customer could not get the cake she wanted from our cake department even though she was told by the company it would be there for her. She asked for my help and said she felt like she was being fobbed off by our company staff. Even though it was not my department, I said I would try to help her and would not leave her side until things were resolved. I said let’s go down to our customer service desk 🙂

We get the CS desk. I explain the situation and so does the customer. I take a step back and let the customer and CS member of staff (T) sort things out. The fun begins! T notices me waiting by the CS desk and not going anywhere. She says thanks and I can sort it out from here and that I can leave. I say great but I’m not going anywhere until the lady’s problems are sorted, just like I promised.

T really, REALLY does not like me watching her do her job. She could not understand I was not judging her or her ability, I was just looking out for the customer. She starts shaking and ranting at me, telling to leave. Trying to be helpful and explaining my reasoning was not working, so I offered to take a few steps away from her. Well, hell no! T was adamant I had to leave before she even dealt with the customer.

I explained to the customer that I would still like to stay but if she wanted I would leave her and return to my department. The customer said did not mind. I said, come and see me if there are any more problems. Off I went. I never saw the customer again so I can only hope her complaint was resolved.

I had nothing against T before, during or after. How can me standing there saying and doing nothing cause such a melt down. I would not be happy someone watching me work but I’d do it.

I finished my shift, left the building but I heard a loud voice of T calling me! Oh shit I thought here we go. I said to her, I’m not going to talk to you unless you can talk to me like an adult. Well she could do that and said that I was never to do that again blah blah blah. I had nothing more I wanted to say, so after she had finished I turn around and walked off.

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