Clueless company owners, entrepreneurs and consumers

Pretentious…over entitled….brainwashed fucking people. It’s like everyone has lost sight of the basic principles of how a society works.

We have so many amazing tools at our finger tips and yet things are more expensive then ever before. There are higher levels of depression and not to mention the obscene suicide rates. It’s because everyone is treating every aspect of life as a “machine” or “computer”. Although we all work our asses off and success comes with hard work, it doesn’t mean that you should be enslaved to the lifestyle. People need space. They need time to enjoy their lives and soak up the things around them. People need to be able to absorb new information and let it marinate a bit at a time, not force fed constant new material.

Despite how much I love technology and how it can drastically improve certain conditions, it is by no means a replacement for the human element. In marketing, everything is so incredibly saturated these days, because there are so many lanes and avenues to pick from. Instead of bringing people together, in an odd way it separates people.

People are becoming to addicted to the effects of serotonin and dopamine that is now associated with technological actions as opposed to organic and physical elements. All of these things are also affecting how our job markets are designed. I just feel like everyone needs a time out period… a bit of a reality check to remember what we are and who we are. Remember why we are doing the things we are doing. There is purpose in every moment we have and it’s important this ideology is embraced instead of a rat race to nowhere.

So many companies are coming out of the woodwork with unrealistic expectations. They expect people to provide everything they need for minimum cost. They expect everyone to love their vision, just because they love it themselves. The irony is these companies will not set foot on the ground. They refuse to recognize the actual results of how difficult it is to grow a brand and infiltrate the consumer market.

Stop ripping your sales people off. Compromise with them either based on time invested or performance. Not everyone is a computer. Design work positions around people’s skill sets and personalities. That’s how you build a strong team. Pay people salaries they can actually live off of or don’t expect them to work full-time for someone who can’t.

They say you need to be crazy to own your own business and I now believe it, but there is a certain level of acceptance when it comes to being highly particular versus a completely full-blown egomaniac. All of you socialites and your fucking LinkedIn/YouTube videos… I’m really happy that you get a million fucking viewers, but get the fuck off your fake ass high horse regurgitating the same shit that Tony Robbins and Dale Carnegie before you did. WE get the Secret. We get the Mantra… but yet none of you are actually making differences outside your own wallets. SO don’t go preaching like you have the solution to world hunger. You made money, you found a way to persuade people, end of story. How many of the people you have touched in your life can say they are able to be just as successful because of what you did… probably none because then you would have way too much competition on your hands.

If you hold a snake by its neck you can’t get bit, but in this case the guy who has the money and the answers will never tell you what or who he knows, because then he loses his power.

The point of this rant was suppose to be about how delusional brands are how they want to bitch about quarterly earnings being poor, but yet they refuse to properly manage their marketing budgets effectively. Then they seek marketing help and refuse to work with good honest people who could literally help gain them placement where needed. But I realized how much bigger and mind blowing the problem is. It’s too much to grasp in one article and it would take an entire book or pages of post.

The moral of this all is be a better fucking person. Don’t let the asshole next to you or above you ruin you and your outlook of people. Try to help people when you can and always seek to create a business that makes sense to the people who work for it. If you have a brand and you want it to grow, it is all about networking, but don’t count out other methods and give things a chance. Try to keep the human element a part of all your structures and programs. And pay people when and what you say you’re gonna pay them. Or at least be fucking up front. If you are a start up, tell people, “Look, I can’t promise the future, and I don’t have a lot of money, but I’d love to get you involved and design something that works for you.”

Rant over.

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