Justice is a quiet bitch

Location: USA
Job: Executive assistant

Well, nearly two years ago I traded my sniveling, lying, dishonest boss to some new c*** at work in love with him (like attracts like!) And wow… justice is served every day. She lies as well as he does, gets nothing right, shreds most of his receipts, has not expensed entire trips for him… I just sit back and LMFAO.

I pretended to be her buddy for a while to get a handle on what she was and wasn’t doing but after a while couldn’t take it. Now I sit and laugh from afar.


Everyday workplace drama

Location: United States
Job: Store Manager aka “overpaid sales associate”

For the past month I’ve been getting a lot of negative feedback from the employees I work with at my job. There are currently 2 store managers running this store. One of them is me and the other is my co-manager. So this bish gets to run around the store talking about how much she hates working there and she continues taking it out on us. She loves talking about all the other employees and that was confirmed by the other business we share a space with. So this goes on and I ignore it. I do my job and I leave. Well come to find out weeks later, I’m not doing my job, I’m not working at all, I’m throwing my co-managers things away after she put a note on it, and everything.Continue reading


F***ing karma!

Location: USA

Fucking karma you asshole! You lied to me for two and a half years, manipulated me into working a demeaning position, gave positions I wanted to newbies who didn’t even have half of my experience, and treated me like shit! You did this for two and a half years, while pretending to be a nice and understanding guy the whole time. You were dumb enough to date one of your employees in secret (Who was also one of the managers) and then got engaged to her! You pissed off so many of your employees because you couldn’t keep it professional in your pants!Continue reading


Boss Overworking Me

Location: USA

My boss is a fucking joke. I have been working my ass off for the past week and a half with one day off (Christmas Day). I finally have another day off and he tries to bring me in to work tonight. First off, I said no because I had plans. Second, do you know why he tried to bring me in? Because he forgot to schedule someone to work tonight. That’s right, he tried to bring me in on a well-deserved day off because he forgot to schedule someone to work that position. In other words, trying to bring me in to fix his screw-up. And he forgot to schedule someone last night too, so I almost ended up working a double because of his screw-up! And when someone decides they don’t want to work, guess who is the usual fall-back guy? The one who has to work his ass off because people are either lazy or just dumb-shits.Continue reading


Complaints, Complaints, Complaints

Location: Somewhere
Job: Nobody

I get it. I’m one of the useless ones. I never want to be there and it shows. And who can blame me? I’m too talented and too passionate for this mindless, soul-rendering, empty, robotic shit. I’ve been stuck this kind of work for much too long, leap-frogging from one company to another to try to keep things tolerable, and I have no alternative options due to my learning disability. Everyone’s fed up with me and I’m fed up with having no choice. I can’t just quit because I need the money, and I can’t keep changing jobs every few years any more. It looks bad. My heart’s not in it anymore. I just have to grit my teeth. Why can’t I just win the fucking lottery so I can withdraw completely?