Total BS

Location: Florida
Job: Split employee that works in hell

I am one person, that works between two departments. I have so many people bossing me it’s ridiculous. In between being bossed I have been sexually harrassed, threatened, subjected to racism and ageism. You name it I have had to deal with it.

This time last year co-workers brought their bird to work and had it hidden in a separate office. For months I was sick no clue why doctor visit after doctor visit nothing helping… well fuckers I am allergic to birds. They got caught and now a dog, a mentally ill grandmom and of course the bird is back and are in building. I knew because I went into distress at work and couldn’t breathe.Continue reading



Location: Usa
Job: Manager

This is crap. I hate the politics and the lack of intelligence and creativity. I am in the wrong organization. Need to move out ASAP. Need to be bold.


F*** this

Location: USA
Job: Don’t worry about my job title

So I get a call from this person that IS NOT my boss — she’s all whining and pissy about me not replying to some alleged email she allegedly sent. Did I mention that she IS NOT MY FUCKING BOSS?????????

Well, she called a while back bitching about how my coworker doesn’t know where I am or what time I’ll be in and that “Billy” needs help and I place an undue hardship on him when I’m not there. Ok, first off, “BILLY’S” name is actually ROBERT — not “BILLY”, you disingenuous cocksucker. If you’re going to try in vain to feign concern for him, you just MIGHT WANT TO LEARN HIS ACTUAL NAME FIRST.Continue reading


Whack Job Making It Feel Elementary School

Location: USA
Job: Talented Graphic Designer Who Gets Treated Like Shit

These last few weeks, I feel like I’m back in elementary school because of a two-faced whack job who gets herself into a big, hot emotional mess when things don’t go her way.

MM has been giving me the silent treatment for the past several weeks because her plan to get another employee in trouble (“Jackass James”) backfired, and I’m paying the price for it.Continue reading