Gross piece of shit

Location: Uk
Job: Construction

I have thankfully moved departments and now very rarely have to look at your sneering, rice pudding face. Since escaping your daily shite, my mental health has improved, and I have more time with decent people, less ego-driven, kinder people, with good senses of humour and interesting things to say. Today I had to attend an online meeting and try not to gag at your looming, hideous face, filling the screen, your wobbling jowls trilling your self-aggrandizing bollocks. Your crowing, whining shite is both meaningless and very telling. It tells the droning, dull, shit story of your deficient, needy, sad self and long, long experience of nothing consequential. No-one can even be arsed to nod, and yet they feel compelled to make some small noise to try and placate you, if only to avoid you dribbling on further. You sad, sad, pointless and depressing person. Thankfully, I have a few days before I am reminded again that you still live.


It’s almost time

Location: USA
Job: Office Drone

There is a fat fuck that has been here for 10+ yrs since high school. He started as an intern and since his daddy knows clients guess who got a position with no degree, which IS required.

This fat, caveman looking motherfucker doesn’t do SHIT!!!! I even called my boss out on it. He gave me some run around bullshit. My mind is made up that the fat fuck is slow.Continue reading


Boss is right? Wrong!

Location: USA
Job: Clerk

My ignorant boss loves to target members of our group with condescending snide rude remarks. Example: “What was your thinking process? That makes no sense. I can’t believe you been at this job this long!”

Mind you, she knows nothing. She calls her former pal who was really the brains regarding an office problem. So it was my turn to be bitched at. I just smile and ignore her wickedness asking God to punish her but keep doing my work.Continue reading


Stop wearing leggings

Location: United States
Job: Herder of cats

Working at a business that services 99.9% of the customers as construction men, I feel it is inappropriate to wear leggings and not pants. They show everything from the crack of your ass all the way up to the crack up front. Even if you have on a sweater that hits the bottom of your ass cheeks, it’s a distraction and if you want the men to stop hitting on you, you should cover up that big ass.

Just saying!


What on earth is going on??!!

Location: Uk
Job: Office worker

This is the worst place ever. The place is toxic and destroying our lives. No process, no direction, no support. Fucking making it up as we go along. I can’t believe this place I literally can’t. I wonder who else will write on here about this death trap. All it’s doing is slowly chipping away at our mental health, our dignity, our souls.

Half of them can’t be trusted. Disgusting underhanded shenanigans of the devil’s kind going on, and for what? No one cares in this place. It’s a conveyor belt for bad choices and bad news. It’s meant to be where people can go and be supported. Instead you’re interviewed by complete zombies that if not for other factors in their lives could be somewhere and should be somewhere else. Toxic toxic toxic.Continue reading