Bitching for no reason

Location: Uk
Job: Retail manger

I am a store manager for a large grocery chain. I have a manager who is new to the company having previously been a manger elsewhere (not in retail). She seems to think she is all knowing and stresses over things which shouldn’t concern her. She also says she is a control freak and not good at being anything other than the main manager.She will also go to other managers senior to me to try and bitch just to get her opinion heard. It’s driving me up the wall as I have enough issues without her petty inane bullshit!


I am not a robot

Location: Bracknell
Job: Support worker

I am a support worker for adults with learning difficulties and around this time of year is the worst. I work so hard and get no thanks from my employer or the people I look after. My manager is a very annoying micro-managing twat head and her boss thinks the world of her. I’m working Christmas and they want me to work New Year. I told them where to go and I was told I was not a team player, even though I cover shifts all the time and I don’t ask for anything. I hate my job. I hate my pay. I hate the stupid system that makes everything you do not important.


Only Money Matters…

Location: USA
Job: Manager

Work for private equity firm that purchases and bundles companies with no real operational strategy forethought. Close to non-existent support in a resource-thin group expected to solve and navigate through a landscape of unenthusiastic workers with legitimately the worlds shittiest communication or understanding from leadership. Constantly trying to better the landscape by suggesting/begging for implementation of any work process that will streamline communication, increase ability for better customer service, measure operational efficiency or just not pull my God damn hair out every fucking day!!! Every quarter I’m told we are winning in the market and yet every day I feel like I’m losing my soul/will to live. I seriously dream of walking out, but like most working people…can’t easily find another job nor collect unemployment if I quit. I honestly just want to improve things, but get labelled negative when I just ask for some planning before pushing initiatives as if we aren’t tied to a multi-company ball and chain for everything we try to accomplish.Continue reading


Get me out of here

Location: Spring Hill

I work in a horrid hospital! I am sexually harrassed, degraded, ridiculed, taken for granted, talked down to and not taken seriously. So I went to HR and complained and now 2 people in the office know that I complained. However HR is as useless as tits on a bull and said the complaint was about F-bombs, politics and religion. WTF?! So, here I am still not having found a new job and now on Xanax just to go to work. I have not slept through the night in weeks. I dread seeing these people. They are disgusting classless pieces of shit and they call themselves Christians! Whatever! I need to get out. I have applied everywhere and please I need a new job!


S.T.F.U!!!! Debbie Downer to the MAX

Location: US - major city
Job: Finance - office work

I work at a small start-up and being in a small company, a lot of people wear many hats and yes it can get a little hectic…. you know what REALLY slows everything down? Ann.

Dear Ann,

Please for the love of GOD STFU – Guess what?? everyone at the company has family and responsibilities to take care of. Some more stressful than others at times, but we come into work and try to make it as easy going as possible.Continue reading