Breaking out of prison

To work in retail is a true death sentence. Don’t be foolish to walk into these white walls. You will be chained, whipped, and hanged for the unreasonable expectations. You will always make just enough for you to eat. They will turn you into a monstrosity. You will never ever be human again. You will become a beast that is ready to create bloodshed to all other normal humans. It’s called insanity and not being a human. If you believe in God, take my advice. Seriously, you will preserve your life way longer. It’s not worth the struggle; pain; blood, sweat and tears; and your intelligence.

If you are unfortunate to find yourself in this hellish prison, you need to find some tools to take advantage and get out. Sometimes you have to go through hell to get to your heavenly deserved awards. Make sure you never forget to warn the other normals to never join the metal prison nut house. They will praise you later. If you’re stuck, get out. You must preserve your precious life and sanity.

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