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So I work at a restaurant that was just sold and has been taken over by these three guys in their mid 20s. They took over about two months ago and they are not good people managers at all. They treat everyone differently and nobody is held accountable and basically the employees run around and do whatever they want. We just got a new waitress but I’ve known her for about 15 years now and have been great friends. When she talks she can get very loud and she was talking this way to one of the managers and I told her in a very nice way to be a little quieter since her table was right on the other side of the wall and could hear her. The manager thought I was talking to him and got in my face and said “I will talk however the f*ck I want to since this is my restaurant, you are just a waitress you don’t tell me what to do, if a table hears me then so what.”

I try to brush things off but he has this attitude with me a lot and I’ve been working at this restaurant since day 1 and am one of their best employees there. The night before I had a table waiting 15 minutes for bread they had asked me for and the kitchen wasn’t getting it out after they told me it would be a 5-minute wait. Then I had two more tables come in who also needed bread and I asked the manager how much longer and he just told me “shut the f*ck up about it” he admits to having anger problems but this isn’t a way I want to be treated at work. I am currently looking for another job and will leave as soon as I find something else but finding another job has been very difficult.

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  1. Omg.. wtf is that place? That manager is disrespectful and full of himself. You sure do. Many would love to have you as their employee! Hang on, and if it gets too rough & starts affecting your health or mental illness, just leave. The earth is full of opportunities.

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