Boss on Another Planet & Team Not Much Better

I’m so happy to have found a website where people can anonymously talk about workplace FRUSTRATION. I hardly even know where to begin. I never loved my job to begin with, but it paid the bills and was doable. I’ve been there for several years, but things really hit the fan when we were assigned a new boss recently. This guy has zero people skills, and, I’m not saying this to offend anyone that may have a learning disability (especially because some of my relatives do), but I really think that despite his ivy league degrees and nifty sounding job history, he has something along the lines of Asperger’s Syndrome. It’s fine to even have a boss with that as long as they are being medicated, but whatever this dude has, nothing is remedying it.

He doesn’t listen to any of the group’s ideas, acts like he does want our input, but then at the end of the day he sticks his own plan and mandate over everything. Some days he seems normal and is laughing it up and acting like everything is great, and others he’s busy micromanaging and leaning over my shoulder and touching his fingers against my computer screen, asking me 10,000 incoherent questions. He’s on a rampage of sucking up to each and every executive at the organization, even flying across the country to meet them and then blaming the group when we go over our travel budget. If anyone of a senior-level within the organization has a question for him or our team, he has a heart attack and gins up an unnecessary emergency where we are all flocking to get disjointed information to him.

In meetings he cuts people off while they are talking, his words gobble together in his mouth and he constantly mispronounces departments and internal terms (which he’d fry anyone else for doing), and constantly clicks his pen (click click click click). He loves to totally revamp any original writing the group submits to him, incorporating poor English and just plain bad grammar and even basic spelling mistakes. Despite it not really being a part of the group’s original identity and mission, he is hellbent on “showcasing” us to the upper echelon of the organization, to ultimately make a bigger name for himself. He throws projects on people who do not necessarily have the expertise for them, just because he feels like it. He makes my skin crawl when I hear him coming or better yet, hear his pen clicking. His laugh sounds like a hyena and he stares into people in a uncomfortable way during meetings

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It’s got to the point where I hate going to work, have had to see a couple’s therapist because the stress from work has affected my marriage, and have had to do deal with depression and build coping mechanisms into my life. He has literally driven me into a depressed state. Thanks to that, I’ve been job searching like there is no tomorrow, which is also a depressing process. As I said before, the job was never great, but I’m not looking to leave because of the job. I’m looking to leave because of HIM. I’ve never had a boss who genuinely and openly only cared about their own agenda. These type of people shouldn’t even have jobs, but they do, and they thrive in them.

The sadder part is that I literally have no one to complain to. I thought about submitting an anonymous complaint to our department that is supposed to process these types of matters, but I know from personal experience that the staff person overseeing that area is a true micromanaging, ruthless, and soulless boss herself. I can’t go to the executives over my boss’s head because they (either for political show or because they really do) like him and aren’t going to do one single thing. Short of the full team getting together and going to HR on this guy, which isn’t going to happen, we’re stuck with him.

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