Boss is right? Wrong!

My ignorant boss loves to target members of our group with condescending snide rude remarks. Example: “What was your thinking process? That makes no sense. I can’t believe you been at this job this long!”

Mind you, she knows nothing. She calls her former pal who was really the brains regarding an office problem. So it was my turn to be bitched at. I just smile and ignore her wickedness asking God to punish her but keep doing my work.

Well today I didn’t do an order her way (it has to be her way). She threw a fit!!! Yelling, screaming, being condescending. Then she turns to my co-workers asking them, “Team, how would you do this? She seems to do it differently than the rest of us?”

My co-workers responded, “We do it the way she does it.” She flipped out. OMG!!! She really became antagonistic towards me for the rest of the evening. One of my co-workers emailed that she said told them don’t do anything to help me. She insisted that I copy her in on all my email correspondence.

My hope is at the next lay-off announcement I can get the hell outta there with my severance pay.

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