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2 years ago I started working at this job starting in one job and worked around to learning every job there. I used to love it. Loved coming and my manager was good and leads were good. This year my manager went down hill. He let everything get to his head and become a prick. His leads cannot even be leads. Everytime the leads try to do something he shoots them down very quickly and aggressively. He plays favoritism with his best friend that he hired and a girl that he lives next to. Both do very little, don’t show up to things, sit on their phones and so on. And when leads try to correct this, give points or punish them, the manager throws it away and tells them to drop it, but if those who work hard and do as they’re told make one small mistake, like putting something away, they get teared apart about it. The manager even left this department for another but refused to let the person he said will run it, run it.

He still wont let them do their work and terrorizes his former employees to only transfer up to the department he works in. Will not speak to other departments about transfers. Considering this is a seasonal job, the employees transfer to different departments so they don’t have to leave the company, but employees have a choice were they want to transfer to. The manager acted like they cared and gave them a choice but really he never spoke to any other department. When employees went to the manager of other departments to ask about hours and got them, this manager decided to get mad and yell at his employees about this saying they cannot go behind his back and speak to other managers about hours that he is not giving them.

He is never there at this department he is gone but will just come down and terrorize his employees and if they take hours from another department he will pull them. The other departments do not like this manager and know it’s not the employees fault but find this ridiculous and something they do not want to deal with. The leads try their best to make work easier on employees but with the manager’s favoritism and the way he terrorizes his employees has sent many employees running. They do not want to deal with this. They feel trapped. And with his best friend working there, any little thing they do gets back to them, even if it was something innocent they didn’t know about. And leads get yelled at for not doing more to employees who did not understand their wrongs, when the lead just gives warning and explains first, like you should. But manager believes they should get in more trouble, but the girl next door can get away with vaping, sitting down, playing on their phone, calling their boyfriend on the phone while on the clock, and all of this done in front of customers which is not allowed. His best friend can get away with doing basically the same thing. But anyone else gets yelled at.

Everyone is done with the favoritism and not being able to move without permission. The leads are losing their great employees and keeping the lazy ones due to this manager. I’ve never in my 6 years of working wanted to walk out of a job, and none the less due to the fact of a manager. I hope the leads get out before the place goes down hill to quickly, they deserve better and that manager deserves to be put in his place.

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