Bathroom etiquette

I am not a fan of defecating in the mens room at work, but a couple times week I need to, as do many others. No judgement.

What I do judge is those who have no courtesy for others while doing so. Here are some basic rules to make this experience easier for everyone.

1. When you enter the bathroom to crap, and see that one of the stalls is occupied – move on, find another bathroom. No one wants you sitting 2 1/2 feet away from them loudly emptying your bowels and grunting, separated only by a thin wall that neither reaches the ceiling or floor.

2. If the stall door is closed, someone’s in there. The doors swing open when no one is in there. Do not attempt to barge through the stall door, and for the love of Christ, do not peer through the slit in the door to see who’s in there.

3. Do not slam the toilet seat.

4. If you’re using the urinal while someone is in the stall, do your business and leave. People are concentrating. No one needs to hear your version of how “the game” unfolded last night. No lingering.

The above general rules will make the bathrooms more pleasant for all.

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  1. 5. If you do decide that, yes, you do indeed need to take a crap, then please for the love of all that is good and pure in the world, flush the toilet afterwards. Birthday surprises are nice. Finding King Kong’s broken pointer finger within the closed toilet seat is not.

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