Bad employer

My employer does not demonstrate equal opportunity for all and is also biased toward favoritism, nepotism and special interests. Their own reports clearly show age discrimination. Hiring, training and promotion practices are often arbitrary. HR is low skilled and does not follow employment and disability regulations. Getting another job at another agency is not as easy as expected. Contracted pay terms are not paid. Those working earnestly are not equally paid like others who do the same work or most often unable to advance in this disrespectful organization.

The employee environment can also be described as bullying, retaliatory or negative. There is pervasive perfectionism, false witnessing, high production expectations, at times over-the-top criticism and some bosses who roll their fists in the air while pushing employees. Employees become over-stressed and unhealthy or burned-out. Co-workers, consultants, HR and management all contribute to making the work environment hostile and non-team orientated. Most of the managers will be there for decades to achieve their pension, control, power or money, so the environment will not likely change for the better soon. This organization allows too much power at the unit level management level, which appear unaccountable for their actions which go often outside policies or laws. Some workers stated it is like being in a prison and they don’t like how they hand pick people for positions. This place is not employee-orientated, fair or ethical.

Their salary is not worth the price of the negative work environment. Committing to this employer for decades to get their reducing pension benefits is likely a death sentence to your health, life and well-being. I highly recommend to steer clear of this place.

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