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TL:DR – Ass-hole rude bullying boss, minimum wage, no benefits, hostile workplace and workers all leaving for other jobs. For the love of sanity, PLEASE do not ever work here. Sitting here at my desk, wondering for the ten thousandth time why I even bothered coming in today. The business calls itself a “leader” in what it does, when they really should be “the company with a rotating door for workers”. Well, at least today is just the mindless calls we normally have to make. The job seemed fine at first, but then I noticed that there are only a small handful of people who’ve been here longer than a year. And the people who are here might not be around much longer either, due to my boss, who is a lying, cheating, misogynistic, rude, insulting, bullying, racist, micromanaging asshole. But for time’s sake, let’s just call him TS (aka FTS).

So TS rules by force, and when things don’t go his way, will insult people, or call their work “shit”, or something like that. He’s also utterly convinced that his way is the only and right way, and won’t listen to reason or discussion. Example of utter rudeness: there was an incident a few months ago where two of the workers let a visitor into the warehouse without the owner’s permission (because he was out of the office). When TS called in to speak to the visitor, in full hearing of the two workers who were standing right there said “Sorry about that, these chicks have their heads up their a*s, and don’t know s**t.” The poor visitor was startled, and as the one worker went back to the warehouse, the other had to excuse herself from the desk because it looked like she was starting to cry.

Another time a worker was asked to do something for TS, and when she said that she couldn’t because another worker had told her not to, TS told her “Well do you work for that person? No. And do they sign your checks? No, I do. So you need to get this done right now.” And if a person has not been working the way TS wants them to, he has been heard telling them, “Well, you need to be doing a better job. And if I can’t be trusting you to get the job done, then this isn’t going to work out, and we could always find someone else.” Plus, TS (and the manager DB, who is just below him), have disallowed workers from speaking to one another unless its about work matters, and even then, excess chatter is frowned upon, and many people have been “written up” with no warnings. This has created a hostile and fearful workplace that only cheers up when the managers are out to lunch, or TS is out working in the warehouse.

Right now in the one division, there are no sales people left, because one has left for a better job elsewhere, and the other two have been suspended for “being late too often” (it’s happened twice). And in the other division there are only two workers besides two managers. So those workers who are left have to shoulder all the responsibilities of incoming phone calls and making sales calls, all for the measly rate they are paid. Ah yes, the pay: 40 hours a week, but minimum wage and NO BENEFITS. Oh, and being watched the entire time by security cameras that record audio and video ALL the time.

And for what? To come in to a place where our work is micromanaged, people are made afraid to talk to one another, and the bosses/managers may seem nice in person, but talk s**t about the workers to one another when those people aren’t around. And of the 18 employees that were here as of March of this year, there are now only 9 left (including the two who were just suspended, and may not come back). And from March until now, that doesn’t even include the 12 or so workers who have come and gone, none lasting longer than 2 months (the shortest lasted only 1 hour). So please, for the love of sanity and common sense and decency, please, do NOT work here. I wouldn’t wish this job on my worst enemy. I only stay because I need the money, but I definitely do NOT need the anxiety attacks and migraines this job has caused. I am actively looking to find a new job to get me out of this hell-hole I’m stuck in.

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