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My boss can sometimes be a nice guy, but for the most part he is a jackass. For one, he definitely gives off a lot of racist vibes. You do not make as many Holocaust jokes as he does unless you have some issues. He also enjoys making Black jokes and Native American jokes, but Jewish jokes are his favorites. Everyday. Every. Day. Sometimes multiples times in just an hour.

I also have a lisp and an accent, which I am kind of sensitive about, and he just enjoys poking at it whenever he can. And because my words sometimes run together, he is always asking if I said something that I very clearly did not. It just serves as a constant reminder that he loves to poke at one of my biggest insecurities. Again, he thinks he is being funny but he is actually just being a jackass. Look, I understand that in my line of work you need thick skin. If you are easily offended then you will be DESTROYED so you need to toughen up and fast. I have definitely gotten thicker skin over the years but teasing me about my voice is one thing that I will not put up with.

And good luck trying to get him to take his job seriously. Just trying to ask for his help or advice is like pulling teeth. He loves playing the fool so much that you are honestly better just trying to figure everything out yourself than wasting time trying to ask him a question. I have been here for quite a while and I can honestly count on one hand how often he actually proved helpful to me when I really needed it. And when his neglect bites him in the ass (which happens way more than it should) he always tries to deflect the blame by doing what he always does, joke around.

I remember one time I was trying to have a serious discussion with a coworker about a project I was working on and was struggling with. My boss was next to us and he just kept interrupting me so that he could insult my previous failed attempt. He didn’t even offer constructive criticism, he just kept interrupting so that he could insult me.

And if someone takes a vacation, he will try to guilt trip you into working more doubles and working on your days off. He always uses the excuse that he is going to be working way more than all of us (Which he should, he is the boss and he needs to take responsibility for what his employees do) and tries to guilt us into working with him. You agree and then find out that when he said he would be working his ass off, he is rarely showing up, taking more days off, and hiring more people so he has a reason not to come in. And then, after working two weeks non-stop, complete with doubles, he still tries to bring you in on a well-deserved day off or he pokes fun at your exhaustion.

I could leave, I really could and I would have a lot of job offers because I have enough experience to work just about anywhere. But this place is really close to where I live, which saves me a lot of money in gas and is being a huge help in paying off my debts and meeting financial goals. But every time I see him and he gives me a Nazi salute, pokes at my accent, or goes on about how much he loves Trump (when I really do not care, I just want to do my job), I honestly wonder if it is worth it.

One of the more humiliating things I had to deal with was when he drove in the middle of Down Town, gave me the Nazi Salute as he drove by and shouted “Hail White America!”. The only upside was that it was early in the morning and pretty much no one was outside at the time….this is my boss people.

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